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A few quick swipes on your phone, and your fresh halal meat is on its way to your doorstep from the store of your choice. Competitive prices. Customize your meat order. Exceptional promotions and discounts. Same-day delivery with order tracking. 24/7 customer service.

SPECIAL NOTE: During COVID-19 this thriving business has gained huge traction. The GoMeat order volume over the last 45 days has already matched last year’s sales figures. GoMeat is the only digital marketplace connecting consumers with specialty halal meat stores. We offer same-day delivery services powered by the GoMeat Technology Platform. GoMeat helps solve the common halal meat consumer dilemma of waiting in long lines to get orders filled. Plus, we eliminate the universal chaotic halal retail meat store order acceptance and processing. The GoMeat mobile app offers enormous convenience to halal meat customers with on-demand halal Meat orders and same-day home delivery service. We also offer a series of benefits to halal Meat Stores through digitization on the GoMeat platform. Halal meat is not available in traditional grocery stores. It is only available in certified halal retail stores. There are more than 10,000 halal meat stores across the USA. Currently, the halal Market in the USA is estimated at over $12 Billion with aggressive annual growth due to:
  • the increasing number of premium halal meat consumers
  • the recent recognition that halal meat is generally considered a healthy food
Since halal meat is processed and prepared according to strict religious dietary laws, these foods are considered particularly healthy and hygienic compared to non-halal food choices. This is changing the outlook of many non-Muslim consumers about the concept of halal foods as a healthy dietary choice. We see this well proven by our data, as roughly 50% of our consumers are non-Muslim customers.
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Digital marketplace connecting customers with specialty meat stores offering same day delivery services powered by GoMeat technology platform

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Once the products are ordered, they can be picked up from the store or can be requested for delivery to arrive on their doorsteps

Time Saving

No waiting time that most of the customers of halal and kosher meat must spend in store waiting for their order to be prepared hence addressing the biggest pain point of such consumers